Liebster Award Time!

Both Julie and Peng have tagged me in this actually, so maybe it’s time I pass it on.


1. What’s your favorite cause to donate to? (or would you donate to if you had more money)

Organizations that fight child sex trafficking , and specifically the organization Love146. I first heard about them at a Paramore concert my sophomore year of high school, and I put my spare change towards it. They focus primarily on getting girls out of the business and helping them heal and reuniting them with their families, though they also work to make policies to fight and prevent trafficking in the first place.

2. What do your favorite shoes say about you?

That I’m far more concerned about comfort and functionality than looks, and also that right now I don’t want to enter the real world more than I do want to enter it.

3. What’s your traveling music?

Well, today it was the Frozen soundtrack.

Ok, let’s be real, it was mostly just “Let It Go.”

4. What does the new year mean to you when it comes around?

A lot of food, and a stomach ache from all the sugar I’m not used to having. I don’t really make resolutions because I don’t think there’s anything all that significant about January first that makes it more suitable for implementing self improvement. If I’m going to change, the day doesn’t matter.

5. What book have you been meaning to read again and why?

Way. Too. Many. Mostly Catching Fire and Mockingjay because I broke my rule of reading the book before seeing the movie for Catching Fire.

6. What’s that meal your grandma (or aunt or uncle or fill in the blank) cooked that you would like to learn to make?

Little Smokies wrapped in bacon and smothered in brown sugar. That’s actually pretty self-explanitory, but I’ve never actually made it and they’re glorious.

7. What bugs you about your family that you’re afraid you’ll carry on?

We all seem to be prone to addictive behaviors, so I make a point of avoiding things that would stoke that weakness.

8. What were you most obsessed with as a child (animal, place, occupation)? How do you feel about it now?

I had a lot of obsessions, mostly with magical creatures or with books. Fairies, dragons, horses, Harry Potter, those slightly creepy Troll dolls, and ancient Egyptian mythology. In that order, the little kid in me wants to believe they’re real, ditto, cool beans, I DON’T CARE I LOVE IT, ehhhhh, don’t remember much.

9. What are your plans for tomorrow?

Try and remember how to do school without dying, get some textbooks maybe, call a friend, hopefully kick things, and probably go grocery shopping.

10. What extreme activity or sport have you secretly been interested in trying out? Are you ever going to do it?

Snowboarding has always kind of appealed to me, as well as skateboarding, but both of those ideas tanked pretty hard.

10 Questions for YOU! 😀

1. What is one song that you’re a little ashamed to love? Why do you love it?

2. If you could instantly master one skill that you currently suck at, what would it be and why?

3. Have you ever wished you had more or fewer brothers and sisters, and if so, how many of each?

4. What was the most recent book you read (or the one you’re currently reading) and what do you think of it?

5. Pool. What is the first memory that popped into your head?

6. What two (or more) characters from any book, show, movie, play, anything, would you want to see interact in real life?

7. How do you feel about having pictures taken of you?

8. What is one thing that confused you in childhood and still confuses you today?

9. Can you find the pun in “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from Frozen?

10. What is the most ridiculous impulse buy you have ever made?

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