Delightfully Justifiable Procrastination!

Isn’t that how all of these things start? Dandy. I’m doing it right then.

With a gentle nudge from this guy, I’m trying the whole blogging thing. For various reasons I haven’t written creatively for about two years, and I find it’s hard to actually call myself a writer when there’s no product to back up that identifier. Hopefully social pressure will help pull me out of the muck and help clear up some lingering artistic angst. (That sounds like a really backwards and incorrect line of reasoning, but I think it’s just counter-intuitive enough to actually work.)

So here’s to writing, artistic angst, and using your voice.

1. Where are you going right now?

I’m going to sit on my floor for the next three hours and try to accomplish anything while my head feels like it’s filling up with tiny elephants. (I’m getting sick.)

If that was a broader, more existential question, I’ll get back to you on that once I’ve figured it out. Actually, if you stick with me through this, you might get to see me figure it out right before your very eyes.

(Tangent: “very eyes” – What kind of phrase is that? Your eyes are really eyes. Like they are so eyes, they are just too eye for me to handle.)

2. What kind of creature would you want as your sidekick?

Something large, fluffy, and fly-able.

So basically one of these:


3. What little thing in life has had the greatest effect on you?

The fact that I decided to write a poem after my first kind-of boyfriend broke up with me. Years later I showed it to a writing mentor and he told me I could be a songwriter with the command of meter and verbal rhyme in it. I had never seen crafting words in my future until then, and the idea hasn’t left since.

4. What part(s) of your younger self do you hope to keep alive forever?

Irrepressible joy and my ability to rebound after shit goes down.

5. Who would play the characters in your life? (You’re still cast as yourself)

I suck at pop culture anything – I just found out what Neil Patrick Harris looks like because I asked, publicly on Tumblr, if the guy who played Dr. Horrible was the same guy narrating in Doctor Who Season 2 Episode 10. Sorry guys, Dr. Horrible doesn’t start dating a slab of concrete.

I also just quick googled Neil Patrick Harris to make sure the above statement was true. It is.

So to actually answer the question, I have no idea. How about I just hang out with Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Lawrence? I don’t know anything about Neil Patrick Harris, but Jennifer is hilarious, so it’ll be great.

6. If you could travel anywhere, how would you like to get there?

See #2.

7. What would you want to be remembered for?

Being a loving, compassionate person.

8. How would you quantify and define happiness for yourself?

The frequency at which I have the unwarranted desire to smile, dance, and/or give.

9. When have you ever been extremely conflicted over a big decision?

Now. Get back to me in a couple of months and I might have something to say about it.

10. Do you think you’re on track to becoming the kind of person you want to be?

I pulled an existential one of these this past year. I’m Toad.

Getting there.

11. If you could have a full dish of any side dish, what would you want?

Cream cheese puffs from Leean Chin. Freaking love those. 😀

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